Lavender Phenomenal - 4" Size Pots


Lavender Phenomenal isn't fussy about growing conditions. Like most plants and shrubs, it does best in well-drained soil (soil that lets water percolate through to the roots). Clay is great for making pots, but in the ground, it forms a sticky, impervious barrier. Excessively sandy soil has the opposite problem. Both types prevent roots from getting adequate air and water.

Important Information
Shipping Ships all year round, however survival is dependent on zone
Zones 4-11
Advantages Deer Resistant - Attract Butterflies - Bee Friendly - Easy to Grow - Fragrant - Cut Flowers - Containers - Dried Flowers
Light Requirements Full Sun
Mature Plant Size 26-32" Tall, 24-32" Wide
Bloom Time/Color Mid Summer to Early Fall/Blue
Pot Size 3.5" Pot

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