Lavandula Sensational - 2.5QT Size Pot

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Proper name: Lavandula Sensational - Dark Purple Flowers. Excellent plant for fresh cut flowers and and arrangements. The flower heads are unusually large and open, yet still densely packed. They rise up over striking silver foliage, which provides contrast to green leaves in a mixed border. Sensational carries the lavender perfume we love, but with low camphor, so it cuts out any bitterness. You'll want to cut back spent flowers to encourage new buds…and while you're at it, why not take a few stalks for fragrant cut flowers? The strong stems are great for bouquet building. Sensational has all the landscaping capabilities of a great lavender—heat, humidity and cold tolerance with an all–around sturdy disposition. You can perennialize it in a woodland or add some color to your rock garden—anywhere you want butterflies and pollinators to roam.


Important Information
Shipping Ships all year round, however survival is dependent on zone
Zones 5 - 10
Advantages Deer Resistant - Attract Butterflies - Bee Friendly - Easy to Grow - Fragrant - Cut Flowers - Containers - Dried Flowers
Light Requirements Full Sun
Mature Plant Size 24-26" Tall, 20-24" Wide
Bloom Time/Color Early Summer to Early Fall/Purple Flowers/Brightly variegated foliage with a highly fragrant aroma
Pot Size 2.5QT Size Pot

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