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  • Grape Accent Twinkle Lights
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    Grape Accent Twinkle Lights

    Our grape accent lights are perfect for any event, bringing the vineyard aesthetic into any space! Our top quality purple crystal accent lights are...

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  • Grape string light
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    Grape string light

    6.5' Long String light  7' cord  Clear lights  Great for decoration 

  • Estrella Mini All-Natural Soy Candle

    Estrella Mini All-Natural Soy Candle

    Enjoy Estrella's signature scents - now in a 5.5 Oz size! Perfect for gifting, hosting, and much much more. Enjoy our handmade candles today! Our ...

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  • Jewel Ball LED Light

    Jewel Ball LED Light

    Need 3 AA Batteries  Size: 5" Great for Gifts or Decoration

  • Gold and Silver Starburst Ornament

    Gold and Silver Starburst Ornament

    Size: 4 1/2"H X 4 1/4"W X 4 1/4"D 3D Ornament  Gold edges with mirrors  Ribbon hanger 

  • Driftwood Wine Holder
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    Driftwood Wine Holder

    Add to your kitchen decor, wine connoisseurs and beginners alike! L+'s beautifully carved wooden wine holder is sure to be a stylish accent to any ...

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