How are my plants shipped and what to do when received them in the mail?

We ship all our plants in pots of 3.5", Qt and 1gsl size. We ship priority mail only (other shipping is available upon request) most shipments take in between 3 to 5 business days to arrive. Once you receive your plants, PLEASE TAKE THE PLANTS OUT OF THE BOX AND WATER THEM AS SOON AS THEY ARRIVE .

When is the best time to plant my lavender plants?

Autumn planting is usually considered to be the best time to plant, as this will allow plants to become established through the winter months and enable them to withstand summer droughts if they should occur. A 3.5" size plant planted on the autumn will be about a gallon size by next summer, considering you have the right conditions for your lavender to grow.

How often do I need to water?

You lavender plants need some water (twice a week depending on weather) for spring / summer. Once they are established they can usually withstand drought conditions. When blooming, water at least twice a week and your plants will bloom longer and give you bigger blooms.

What conditions do Lavender plants like?

All lavender plants prefer a well-drained soil with full sun.

How much land do I need to grow lavender?

A half-acre will support between 1000 to 1500 plants depending on which variety is chosen. Plants need to be planted 3' apart.

How far apart do I plant my lavender?

Plant spacing for Lavandula angustifolia cultivars can be between 2' to 3' apart. For the larger Lavandula x Intermedia cultivars spacing can be between 3' to 4'. Most of the Intemedias need more space because of the size of the plants. These plants produce big stems and lots of buds.

Which varieties are considered best for oil?

In the Sequim area, Angustofolias are known for producing the best quality oil, however some of the "Intermedias" also produce oil but in bigger quantities.

How do I harvest my lavender?

To harvest your lavender for dried bundles or dried flowers it is best cut before all the flowers have opened. They are usually cut by hand using a sickle. A bundle can be as much as you can hold with your hand, usually bunched and tied with rubber bands out in the field. The bundles are then simply hung upside down in a dark (the closet is one of the best places), for bigger quantities, well ventilated and dark sheds can be used until they are dry.

When should I prune my Lavenders and prepare my plants fort the winter?

After harvesting the flowers for oil, dried bundles or buds, the plants should be cut back at least one to two inches above the woody part, give the plants a good cut and try to do a round shape.

When can I expect to harvest my Lavender Plants?

It takes about three years for lavender plants to reach full maturity considering you have the right growing conditions, although by the second year you will get some flower and oil. Harvesting for dried lavender can commence in second year, by the second year your plants should mature enough and will give you enough flower buds.

How to mix your lavender fertilizer with your soil: