Findlavender - Hand Painted Ornaments - This Inside Painted Glass Ornament Is a Keep - Sake to Be a Treasured From Generation to Generation

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Each of these unique pieces of art is hand painted by skilled artist by means of ancient craft tradition passed down thought generations!

  • This beautiful, inside - painted glass ornament continues an ancient art form prized by collectors
  • The artist, choosing from a selection of miniature curved and bent - shafted brushes, hand
  • paints every minute detail on the inside of the hand - blown glass ornament. In painstaking fashion the brush is repeatedly inserted through the opening in in the glass
  • initially to outline the design followed by detailed application of the colors one by one
  • Hand painted collectibles - No piece is the same! - Lavender field design - Measures 3"W X 3"H - Can be used Inside/out