Lavender Small Dried Bundles 8" to 10" - Pack of 10

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  • 8' to 10" Tall
  • Handpicked for quality assurance, grown in the USA
  • Each bundle has between 50 to 70 stems, each bundle measuring between 6" to 8"
  • Perfect for weddings, birthday parties and any other occasion
  • We only use natural products to grow our lavender plants


Are you looking for some good lavender bundles? Well, the mesmerizing aroma of lavender bundles makes them a desired décor whether you want something for the side tables or for any place in your house. You can opt for Findlavender Small Dried Bundles as these are some of the most recommended mini lavender bundles. Armed with high customer ratings these perfect for any occasion.

All Findlavender's bundles are grown in the United States & are fresh from the most current harvest. Each of the small lavender bundles has been arrayed with around 50-70 stems and the small bunches measure nearly 6-10 inches. The best part about these Findlavender products is that all these bundles have been handpicked especially to ensure premium quality assurance for our customers. Findlavender strictly adheres to natural products to ensure chemical-free safe lavender production. These Findlavender products would make a great choice for your wedding decorations.


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