• Cylinder w/ Saucer

    Cylinder w/ Saucer

    7.75"D x 6.25"H Saucer attached Matt White Great for home/ Garden Decor

  • Eco-Tech Basic Round Pot

    Eco-Tech Basic Round Pot

    Made from stone, wood and 100% recycled plastic Indoor and Outdoor Drainage hole breathable for happy and healthy plants

  • Mason Planter Antique White
    from $39.99

    Mason Planter Antique White

    Drainage Hole Large: 6″D x 5″H Small: 4″D x 4″H

  • Paragon Pot w/ Saucer
    from $19.99

    Paragon Pot w/ Saucer

    Detached Saucer Hole W/ Plug 7" H Grey color

  • Saloma Planter W/ Saucer

    Saloma Planter W/ Saucer

    Detached Saucer Hole W/ Plug 7" H

  • Lotus Planter

    Lotus Planter

    Drainage Hole with plug 5″D x 5″H Cement White Wash Great for Home/Garden Decor!

  • Tin Planter Cover - Small

    Tin Planter Cover - Small

    Our Tin Planter Cover makes an excellent gift and is sure to be a beautiful accent to any decor style! The rustic/tarnished finish on the pot is ti...

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